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Probiotics: Digestion and Detox (40 Billion CFU) 60 Capsules

Probiotics: Digestion and Detox (40 Billion CFU) 60 Capsules

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Hard Rock Health's Probiotic capsules are designed to help men and women support their digestive systems. When infections and allergens enter the body, they primarily impact the stomach and intestines. These pills may be of assistance to people who are stuck in unhealthy habits that are producing poor digestion.

One bottle of 60 pills may aid in the finest possible gut flora balance and intestinal health protection. Probiotics aids in digestion and detox for helping individuals to drive harmful bacteria out of the body, which is linked to poor digestive health.

  1. Our Probiotic capsules contain beneficial bacteria that aid in overall wellness by aiding digestion
  2. They also assist the intestines in absorbing the greatest amount of nutrients from the food you consume.
  3. Probiotics support a healthy gut flora while also combating harmful bacteria

Advantages of Probiotics: Digestion and Detox by Hard Rock Health

  • Hard Rock Health's Probiotic capsules third-party tested and approved Probiotics is a combination of Probiotic strains + Prebiotic fiber promotes Digestive Balance with a blend of 6 Active Probiotic cultures and Clinically Studied Prebiotic Fibre
  • Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that aid digestion, immunity, and other bodily functions. Prebiotics are a type of plant fiber that serves as food for beneficial microorganisms.
  • Prebiotics for digestion and detox helps with digestion, detoxification, metabolism, bloating and gas, constipation, diarrhea, acidity, colon support, IBS, and gut health. Organic, shelf-stable, and acid-resistant strains have been clinically investigated.
  • The gut microbiota is improved by 40 Billion CFU active living cultures per meal. Furthermore, Delayed Release Technology helps probiotics to withstand stomach acid and enter the intestines deep.

Probiotics: Digestion and Detox (40 Billion CFU) 60 Capsules

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